Concrete Jellÿ is a hard rock band founded in 2014 in Trieste. Started out as a classic rock cover band, in winter 2015 the time was right for the first album to be released, titled “3”, a self produced concept album about a fictional elderly rockstar named Amless. “3” is actually the third chapter of a trilogy of concept albums in the making, of which “Getting Noticed”, the second album of the band, is the first episode. Because we like it tricky. The sound of the album is the result of the different influences within the band members, spacing from 70’s rock, to prog rock and everything good in between. Concrete Jellÿ are Sebastiano Belli on drums, Francesco Braida on guitar and voice, Sebastian H. Gerlini on guitar and Matteo Monai on bass and voice.

In “Getting Noticed” a young Amless, who dreams to become a celebrity, must deal with the evil witch Elicse Atarme, and with the countless temptations of the mainstream scene. Amless is a regular boy, with a great talent, torn by the endless struggle between ambition and integrity. Everything starts with a dream, in which the boy sells his soul for fame to Elicse Atarme. The witch almost gets Amless to do what she wants, helped by her physical alter ego, the famous producer Mr. Monroe Anglerfisch. In rage, Amless rebels and gains his freedom back again. But the price to pay for breaking the oath is a life of sacrifice with no assurance of success.

“Getting Noticed” was recorded live by Francesco “Bardy” Bardaro of Track Terminal Studio, at SKD Primorec Theater in Trebiciano (Trieste), between 25 and 28 of August 2016, mixed and engineered by Francesco Bardaro, mastered on tape by Alessandro Perosa and Francesco Bardaro.  Arwork by Manuel Scapinello, layout by Vittorio Maria Serra.